Joined 4th Industrial Revolution & Sefa technology

Total Smart Factory System

Smart Factory System

SEFA Builder Plus II is integrated with ICT (Information & Communication Technology) technology to integrate technologies such as Internet, Big Data, cloud computing, and CPS (Cyber Physical System)


Real-time through SBP and IoT – Big Data

 Monitoring and control

  Facility management

  Prediction of equipment failure Extension of equipment life (judging facility health)     

Production Management 

Planning + Integrated production management Advanced analysis based unattended control 

 Quality Management

Real-time quality anomaly prediction of continuous process and Maintain the best quality through post process control


   Environmental Management

 Electrostatic precipitator, desulfurization denitrification


Energy Management

Optimize production in terms of energy efficiency Using FEMS, ESS


Safety Management

Worker using Wearable device safety management


Logistics Management

Real time logistics tracking, nmanned crane     


SEFA Smart Factory solution value

SEFA Smart Factory solution value

  1. Reduce inventory and increase product productivity based on Big data collected at the production site.
  2. Maximize cost savings by reducing work time, energy usage, and defect rate.
  3. life Extend lifetime of facilities and facilities according to optimum operation and optimum management of various facilities.
Increase productivity
Reduce costs
Extension of equipment

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