License Policy

Open License   

Open License Definition

Automated field and educational institutions requiring 32Tag or more with 32Tag Demo license,  which is free to all users who use it for domestic automation systems.


purchase a full license

SEFA Builder Plus DEMO Ver.

Usage range

It can be used for communication device design and testing, UI design, communication test and training of various equipment's, etc. 32Tag automation system.

Open download

can be download in our home page.


Company License   

Company license definition

buying license from public association /Corporation / association / Group and, can be using key lock of SEFA Builder Plus inside tag. 
* SEFA Builder Plus must be using 1PC 1key lock.   

Can be using brand

SEFA Builder Plus (full) Ver.   


Provided purchasing an enterprise license

(1) basic license : installation CD, Key Lock (including request TAG) 
(2) Multiful license: installation CD, for server Key Lock (including request TAG, multi connecting Client)

License Type and Features

The license is divided into the product key, the number of tags, and the number of clients built into the key lock.
(1) Product Key : This is the unique number of the key lock and consists of 20 digits.
(2) how many Tag : SEFA Runner is the number of tags that can be connected to the I / O Server at the time of execution. The number of tags is 64, 128, 256, 512, 2048, 4096 and unlimited. 
(3) how many Client :  It indicates the client that can connect. It is based on 2Client (Runner, DB Server). If the number of users is increased through SFJoin, the number of clients should increase.

Reissue licenses

(1) Reissue by loss : The SEFA Builder Plus license must be repurchased at the time of re-issuance due to loss by key lock
(2) Reissue by Key Lock error : It is possible to reissue by Key Lock error. However, you must return the key lock that caused the error. (In case of non-return, the same applies to loss.)
(3) Reissue with key lock error due to external factors such as breakage : If you want to re-issue the key lock error due to external factors such as breakage, you can reissue it at the 50% cost of Key Lock. However, you must return the Key Lock that caused the error. (In case of non-return, the same applies to loss.)
(4) Re-issuance by amendment and transfer of company : We do not reissue by altering or transferring the business, and you can use the existing key lock, but you should notify us at the headquarters.

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